For State's second anniversary and website relaunch we were challenged to tell what the studio is all about in a short and sweet piece. Under Marcel's direction I had the opportunity to design and lead the animation for the 3D bits of the project. I had a blast and the tone of the spot allowed us to experiment with a plethora of styles and techniques.
Creative Director: Marcel Ziul
Executive Producer: Alex Dos Santos
General Manager: Tais Marcelo
Producer: Shane Sternstein
Writer: Jameson Mcleod
Audio: White Noise Lab
Voice Over: Beau Stephenson
LEAD 3D ARTIST: Mauro Borba
Designers: Bruna Imai, Marcel Ziul, Mauro Borba, Peter Strain
3d Artists: Mauro Borba, Lucas Dal, Evan Mayfield
2d Animators: Luis Suarez, Rodrigo Rodrigues, Oliver Wee, Mauro Borba, Victor Silva, Phil Guthrie, Shawn Lee, Marcel Ziul, Brandon Lee Smith, Diego Coutinho
Cel Animators: Oliver Wee , Lyuben Dimitrov, Regis Camargo


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